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call me ash, MINOR 14!!! any pronouns (mainly xey/xem), agender arospec lesbian (tme), adhder and 98% sure im autistic. i really like touhou if that wasnt obvious enough Lolz!!!!! i'm chinese but i speak english like 99% of the time, i also like to draw & animate but i dont post my work often

things 2 know

pls tell me if i did something wrong, i make kms & kys/die jokes with friends sometimes, i also make suggestive jokes (nothing extreme though), im not good with 1 on 1 convos especially if i dont know u well, i rarely use tone tags unless asked, twitter notifs are muted for people i dont follow


people that engage in dumb internet discourse and/or get into arguments every millisecond (Go Outside), typing quirks that replace letters (sorry), when people overuse tone tags

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